An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company


We are Shiv Shakti Group, also providing Representation Services to overseas clients working for our associate companies handling their international operations (including international forwarding).

  Sulphuric Acid 98%, 70%
  Oleum 23%, 65%
  HCL ( Hydrochloric Acid)
  Ortho Toluic Acid
  Sodium Hypochlorite
  Nitric Acid 98%, 60%
  Caustic Soda Lye
  2,6-Diclhloro Phenol
  Chloro Sulphonic Acid
  Soda Ash
  Acetic Acid
  Hydrogen Peroxide
  Di Methyl Sulphate
  Thionyl chloride
  Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid
  Para chloro aniline
  Potassium chloride ( KCL )
  Sulfur Dioxide ( SO2 )
  Sulfur Trioxide ( SO3 )

Initiating right from the point of procurement of raw materials and other allied products to the delivering stage, we stringently adhere to standard quality norms. All the indispensable test are conducted to ensure the durability as well as the quality of the products.

  4-NAPSA (Free Acid) (4-Nitro-2-Aminophenol-2- Sulfonic Acid)
  PNAOSA (Para Nitro Aniline Ortho Sulphonic Acid)
  4-NAPSA (Na-Salt) (4-Nitro-2-Aminophenol-2- Sulfonic Acid)
  PNCB0SA (4-Nitro 4'-Amino Diphenyl Amine 2-Sulfonic Acid (Pre. F.C. Acid)

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The quality control supervisor strictly follow the strict quality checking mechanism to ensure delivery of superior quality products. Furthermore, we are committed to maintain the quality and timely delivery of our extensive range of products within the stipulated time frame.

  3,5 Dinitro Ortho Toluamide (D.O.T. BP VET / Dinitolmide)

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